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My Luv is like....Wo!

I simply have no clue when was the last time I wrote. Even then, not much has happened since.

The things between me and Kejuan has remained the same. He's still pretty difficult to talk to and he's starting to remind me of RICKY! That's okay, though. I just hope he ain't playing me or stuff. I'm gonna see him on July 12th - probably go to the beach. It wasn't my idea at all. Kejuan brought it up. I don't remember when was the last time a black man offered to go to the beach in the bright, burning sun. He has a heart of a child and said he wanted to go because he want to swim. Other day, he was looking for goggles - lol - silly. He does stuff that would make you smile and actually feel so many different emotion at once. After posting this, I'm going to add a picture of Kejuan and maybe my new ones. So you guys get to see what I look like! LOL - nothing special really.

I have been talking to a lot of people lately. Take J'son for example. I like him a lot and we just easily clicked. He's a singer of the group called Chosen - I am assuming it's an R&B group - never asked him. Anyways, we talked about our trips and basketball games. So many times he just cracked me up. When he was watching me on EBC just simply dancing and singing along to old jams, he interrupted me with saying something. I froze, lol. I was like where the hell did the voice come from and J'son was like can you hear me? Lawd I started blushing like crazy, lol! So every and then I made requests for him to say something so I could get back to blushing.

I met Phil (the Pooh Bear, lol) from Washington D.C. because I'll be moving down there in August so I wanted to meet people and get myself all ready. Phil and I have this weird chemistry. We can bug out easily and stuff. He always be "sleeping on my lap" every time he's bored. I met Los then in the D.C. chatroom and the funny thing is that Phil and Los know each other and in the chatroom they were fighting over me. It was cute! Then I met this chick Danielle, a white chick, but she's cool peoples. I was saying to myself finally a female friend! She's gonna help me around in D.C. when I come down.

Out of all this D.C./Maryland drama, I started to miss someone that was SOOOO close to me. Someone I cared for... someone I dearly loved. Yeah... Cardo. Oh God, I miss talking to him. It's been like three months since we last spoke and I'm not liking it. He's so hard to find. I'm still asking around if anybody knows him. I found out his 13 year old brother Kemani had an AOL name.. I emailed Mani but still - he hasn't read it and the email is like a week old! I'm not even sure if the screenname exists! I'm bugging.

I finally, I mean FINALLY! got to talk to David! He's somebody who knows me too much - too well. He knows literally all of my emotional stages and how often I would be feeling those particular emotions and why. He's a wonderful person to talk to as well. We can just stay online and bug out about so many issues. I can talk to him about everything without feeling I'm being judged. I don't judge him at all - and I won't ever will because I know the person he is. I'm hoping that I'd get to meet him before I go to college, if not possible, I guess when I come home from college could work.
Okay, now, I'm gonna cut it to the crap. The real shit that's bothering me. I'm literally fucking poor. My father has no job and I am as well jobless! We're selling our stuffs just to get quick money. My dad traded the car for a raggedy pick up truck! That makes me feel so poor. Now, I was this close not being able to go to college because I couldn't afford it. Thank God for college scholarships, I got some money and now I can go. My dad's telling me he can't afford for a nice lap top. I'm wondering how can I stay in fashion? Yes, fashion is important to me! My dad just doesn't understand that, hell, he's not a woman.

Aside my pitiful home life, I just got my report card and I got 3.58 gpa - yay! GO ME! GO ME! Ok, I'm bugging and probably boring my readers but the next postings would be my pictures - only if I know how to put 'em here.

Well I besta go...

holl@ at your girl.

(LOL this brotha B'kar is telling me he don't remember where he works and he just got back from his work - silly D.C. men)
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so.. i am not your "female friend". thats fucked up. :(
Yayo like tony! I love you! Have my kid! Holla! LOL hahaaa werd...just messin.